Import file list or skip files that are already HVEC

I would like to be able to bulk add files from a csv file. Is there any way to get an import feature added?
Essentially I’m trying to convert my entire library over to HVEC. I have a list of files that are NOT hvec that I can import.


I’d like to be able to either 1) find all files that are not HVEC and add them to the list or 2)have a skip option for files that are already using that codec.

I’m not aware of a way to import the files from a csv but you can skip converting files with specific codecs by going into the Conversion Task, Expert Settings and checking only Mpeg2, Mpeg4 and Others, leaving Any and MpegH unchecked in the Codec drop down under Selection Filters. I use this exactly like this so I don’t accidently reconvert.