I want the files added to queue to go to the end.....but they won't

I realize there is a checkbox to set so all files are added to the beginning of the queue but it is unchecked and files still go to the beginning, not the end. I tried checking the box and no change. So no matter what I do the files are always added to the begining of the queue and this is very annoying. I add files in an order for a reason so constantly having to move every file I add is a pain.

Also, is there a way to make the files added as a directory go into the queue in the exact order they are in the folder? I always have my folders to have the last added file at the top and I would like them to enter the queue according to the order I have in the folder. I can simply set the folder to have the oldest at the top to do so if necessary but files always seem to go in with the first file being random and then the rest the opposite of the order in the folder.

Thank you