How convert HDHomerun mpg files to wtv files

I am, at least temporarily, recording TV shows on 2 devices: the HDHomerun (HDHR) app and Windows Media Center (WMC). Most shows are recorded with WMC- but HDHomerun has a much easier way to schedule sports recording. So I use HDHomerun DVR to record sports shows. All works fine using the HDHomerun Unprocessed profile to remove commercials. But HDHR records show in the .mpg format. Since I am using WMC to actually view the show, I would really prefer to convert the .mpg file (either before or after commercials are removed) into a .WTV file so that I can view the show using WMC. I need advice on how to do this. Thanks in advance.

Did you try using any of the WTV profiles?

I may have had an off-day. When using the WTV Unprocessed Profile, it looks for many extensions. Forgot that. All is good.

Thanks for your usual prompt reply.