Hevc larger than mp4?

Just purchased to try h.265. after trying both mp4 and mkv both are about twice as large as mp4 default fast.

Starting with about 2.2GB wtv file for a half hour show. Mp4 file is about 550MB, but both h.265 files are about 1GB. Seems like I should get more like 250MB. Original wtv is 720p, so are all conversations. Have the slider set to 1920 currently for both conversions.

Any options I missed or shouldn’t have set to get smaller file sizes from h.265?

Probably to do with the bitrates used. The profile bitrate of H265 may be set to higher than what’s in your MP4. You can attach your logs and we can check it out. Few things to check:

  1. What’s the bitrate in the profile you’re using
  2. Reduce the quality slider, this reduces the bitrate used and consequently the size

Thanks! Actually just got done trying -50 on the slider and got a 150MB file. Something about it was too much for wmc to handle, but I just started another at -25% to test. If that fails, will try mp4 instead of mkv and then if that fails, will zip up a log to check out.

Edit: Awesome stuff either way. Will save a ton of space. Kind of interested in keeping wtv files at mp4 for some stuff to keep subs easily playable in wmc, but not sure if that’s a factor yet. Once I get a few more tests done it looks like my CPU will be slammed for a long time.