HEVC/H265 profile

Hi everyone, I’m here asking for you help after some days of struggle and various test (Mary Poppins hates me for how many times I re-encoded it :stuck_out_tongue: )
I tried to modify the standard HEVC MKV profile and also a custom MKV HEVC Constant Quality profile I found on the forum. I cannot achieve what I’m trying to do.
I have this example movie 1080p / 10796kbps H264 (High @L4.1) in an MKV format (almost 10GB) and I would like to re-encode it with H265 for space optimization. What I got is an mkv/h256 that is 2GB with a significant loss of quality. What would be nice is to not lose so much quality. I’m talking about a 5/6GB on the final version with a correct compromise between quality and visual satisfaction.
I tried to play with “-cq 17” and “-crf 16” that if I understand it correctly “less the number = more quality”, but I noticed no difference in the file size (always 2Gb) even if the number is bigger like 23/25.

As you can imagine I’m not a profile guru and I have only some understanding of what I’m doing, so if somebody is willing to share with me a good h265 profile and a short explanation on what parameter should I “play with” it would be very nice.
My goal is to reduce a 10Gb h264 movie to a 5/6Gb h265 that is great to watch in 1080p (if that is even possible).

Thank you very much for any help.

Try using the quality slider in the Conversion Task page instead of adjusting the values directly in the profile, it has a similar effect but easier to control. Also recommended to attach your conversion log to help see what’s going on.

I use the default H265 profile with the quality slider at +20. That seems to me to give a good balance of quality and size. That’s converting broadcast files.

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