Help with MCEBuddy, Manual invoking via Plex Postprocessing script

Any thoughts on this from the team?

Not in the current context but feel free to open a feature request and we’ll look into adding it for coming releases.

Not to reup this 2 yr old post, but have you came up with any solutions?

How about setting up a dummy watch folder somewhere then creating a symbolic file hard link via a postprocessing bat script, let MCEbuddy process the file.

The code to pass a hard file link for a video is:

mklink /h \MyFileVideo.ts \dummywatchfolder\MyFileVideo.ts

I use directory links with MCEbuddy all the time since I have stuff spread out over several hard drives then have my “media” folder that is watched, which I also use for Plex library directory, the faux folder with everything neatly organized. I haven’t used file hard links but assume it would work just the same.

So there’s lots of water under this bridge at this point - Plex did eventually fix the metadata issue that drove the creation of the thread. They even added a pretty good option around commercial removal (their own forked version of comskip).

Just recently, however, they broke that, so now I’ve fallen back to having two monitor locations - one for TV with commercials, one for TV without, and run the conversion tasks wither with or without commercial removal turned on.

At least the metadata fix in Plex is still working…