Hardware Acceleration with new Nvidia Pascal based cards

I located the latest stable links for Nvidia drivers in the FAQ section, but those are too old to support the new Nvidia Pascal cards (GTX1050, GTX1070, GTX1080).

I tested the latest Nvidia Toolkit and it seems to work well (using Windows 7 x64, GTX1050, MCEbuddy 2.4 beta7)


It brought my Nvidia driver version down to version 376.51

Just thought I’d give some feedback to any others using a new Nvidia card for acceleration.


Maybe you can post the link to individual the 376.51 driver downloads for users reference.

Here are the links to the latest Cuda Toolkit which included the driver (376.51)

Cuda Toolkit 8.0.61 (x64)
Windows 7/8.1:

Windows 10:

Patch for (All OS)

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