Giving up on the free version

The free version stops and starts constantly. I’ve re-installed several times, tried on multiple computers (Windows 7 and Windows 10) and its the same thing constantly. Service won’t start… I restart it… It stops after 5 or 10 minutes, repeat.
Question 1: Is this fixed in the purchased version? I will be really upset if pay for it and its still unusable.
Question 2: How reliable is the commercial skipping? I know that with Mythtv’s commercial flagging, it was not reliable enough to trust without checking.

Nobody has replied… Really?

You title, Giving up on the free version, is not very inviting. Not even sure if the free version is supported or developed anymore.

I never used the free version. Jumped right in with the purchased one.

Not sure why your service is crashing. I’d look at your Window logs and see what it says. I do have my service set to start automatic (delayed) to let pesky windows do it’s thing. As far as service crashing, could be memory issue, hard disk, corrupted video file, permissions on the temp folder.

Are you converting from a local drive or network drive? What is the source of your video? Could it be corrupted?

Did you look at MCEbuddy logs and see if it says anything, esp about where it was when it crashed?

There’s also lots of posts on here regarding commercial skipping for tips and tweaks. I use Comskip

I haven’t had a problem with the paid version. As far as commercials goes, I haven’t had any issue. I’ve had to tweak based on certain channels and I’ve used MCEbuddy for a couple years now.

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