FFMPEG refresh?

Hello. Am I wrong that the latest MCEBuddy distribution includes FFMPEG software that is relatively dated at this point?

Any chance for a software refresh in future versions?

I believe that last update was around Nov 2017, it’s pretty new. We do it about once a year depending on the need.

Updating ffmpeg is a VERY intensive process as it requires us to test about 10,000+ conversion combinations/profiles and then manually verify the output (artifacts etc), that’s months of non stop iterations and testing on an army of machines given the 100+ countries MCEBuddy is deployed.

You are always free to download the latest version of ffmpeg (and ffprobe) and substitute it in the ffmpeg folder. Just remember, latest != greatest, one of the reasons it takes so much time for us to test it is that in pretty much every update we find a new bug or issue that breaks something that’s worked in the past and we have to submit a patch or report to the ffmpeg team to fix it.