FFMPEG CPU UItilization

This may be a common question and if it is I apologize, I searched but didn’t find anything. I have noticed that when Handbrake is engaged my i7 processor use all 8 core and the cpu usage jumps to nearly peg which is what i expect, However it seems a good bit of time is spent waiting on FFMPEG in other processes such as analyzing, cutting commercials, merging or even converting from ts to unprocessed MP4. is there a way to force FFMPEG to take advantage of all 4 cores or 8 threads

Ffmpeg automatically uses all available cores. I think you’re referring to ffprobe which is used to analyze the file in between the operations.

You are correct, analyzing was a bad example, that is ffrobe, however the the question is still the same FFMPEG never uses more than 20-25% of my I7 processor. Even when converting from ts to mp4 unprocessed. It never uses more than 7 % when it is merging trimmed segments back after commercial scan

That’s because trimming isn’t encoding but a disk intensive process. It’s cutting and merging speed is limited by the speed of your hard disk.

The only time CPU is used is during encoding and decoding (commercial detection).

So transcoding from TS to mp4 unprocessed shouldn’t cause FFMPEG to use more than 20% of the processor?