Extract audio with Track Priority


I probably have the exact opposite problem most users have. I would like to convert shows to MP3, and where it exists preserve the video description (narration for blind viewers) track. Because of the oddities of one of our networks (ABC encodes a blank “Spanish” track if there is no second language track) I guess what I need is to be able to produce two files, one with the default audio and one with the second if it exists. Accessing the tracks is easy, using ffmpeg and -map, but I can’t figure out 1) if it’s possible to; or 2) how to configure mcebuddy to produce two files.

I thought about handling it as separate tasks: commercial removal, then monitoring each show’s output folder and running either the MP3 or the MP3 video description task, but I can’t figure out if it’s possible to assign a task to only a specific monitored folder. It appears that you can either monitor converted shows or not, but I don’t see that a folder can have a defined task.

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

You should create two conversion tasks, each with a different profile which will create files with different tracks.