Error on 3 TV shows

Error on converting 3 TV shows from HDhomrun I put one under my name Rickt1962 / Black List on server if you want the other 2 let me know

If you open the log file and look through starting at the bottom working your way up till you see the error, you’ll find the conversions was successful but your network drive wasn’t available to copy the converted file to the destination:

ERROR> --> Unable to move file D:\Temp\working1\The Blacklist-S07E14-Twamie Ullulaq -.mp4 to \\Seagate_Expansion_Drive_2
Error :System.IO.IOException: The specified network name is no longer available.

Thank you for solving that problem ! Is there a way if the drive is not available have it sent to a temp file ?

There was a bug in 2.5.3 where you couldn’t enable the option, this has been fixed in the 2.5.4 latest beta build.