Encoding Playon files errors, no video

Skylines.mp4-Convert to MP4-2021-03-25T07-49-24.log.zip (2.6 MB) I was using 2.5.6, started a week ago getting output files with no video. FIles are from playon recording.
Did complete removal per instructions on site. Installed 2.5. Running on a Ryzen 5 platform.
MP4 Unprocessed results in encoding error. HEVC MP4 results in no video. larger Log is MP4 HEVC. Skylines.mp4-Convert to MP4-2021-03-25T07-46-58.log.zip (158.9 KB)

Your source video is corrupted. Looks like recording driver or firmware is creating non compliant recordings.

I know it isn’t any help, but I thought this one was the best of the three in the Skyline trilogy. I hope you get to watch it.