Deleting SRT files after conversion

I have enabled “Extract Subtitles”, which creates the SRT file, but I have also enabled “Add Subtitles”, which I understand puts the subtitles back in the resulting MKV file (for Plex).

But, the SRT file still exists on disk–is there any reason that I can’t or shouldn’t delete it?

You can delete it. MCEBuddy keeps it because some folks like to have both. If you want to delete it automatically write a PostCustomCommand in your profile which deletes the SRT file.

See here for more details:

If you wouldn’t mind, could you go into more detail on what might a postcustomcommand deleting the SRT file look like?

Here’s one that should work, it invokes cmd.exe and passes a delete command to it to delete a SRT file that lies in the destination directory with the same name as the converted file:

PostCustomCommandParameters="/c del "%destinationpath%\""
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