Default screen width?

I’ve been out of the forums for quite some time (my account was deleted?) and am now making the move from 7MC to Plex (or that’s the plan anyway) having upgraded to a 4k tv over my older 1080p one. I’ve had custom settings for quite some time so was curious what the 4k screen users were using as the screen width of their output?

Apologies if this should have gone somewhere else…I tried to find best place.

Finally going through the same process. Really having a hell of a time converting my old mpeg2/wtv library. Please tell me what settings end up working for you.

For time being all over the air recordings are being set to max of 1920 for the simple reason 1080p is the highest quality currently broadcasting OTA. Encoding to hevc mkv made the most sense for me and took up the least space. It takes longer since my cpu doesn’t have hardware encoding support for x265. Source material such as blu-ray is a whole different animal.

Makes sense. I also had a sweet setup with the old DVRMS Toolkit, DBT and Showanalyzer generating commerical XML files which allowed me to easy turn off an on commercial skip when it made a mistake. My key goal is to preserve the 5 channel sound tracks, but it would be awesome to add chapters where the commercials are detected. Not keen on trusting the commercial detector enough to edit the video.

So what’s the best destination container to pass-through the original audio encoding, and add chapter information for the commercial locations?

What’s best is subjective. I’ve already answered what I considered the best container to use. (hevc mkv)