Could HW encoding cause Keyframe interval to go from 8/10 second to almost 9 seconds?

No harm in trying it and see if works for you.

Your driver may be ignoring it with ffmpeg, try and see if your driver works better with handbrake

I tried both ffmpeg and handbrake and neither one would produce a file with the proper keyframe interval. I only get the proper keyframe interval when I use software encoding but that takes way too long.

I’ll try one more with handbrake now.

Using handbrake or ffmpeg makes no difference. The output is the same and not in compliance with the config file.

I don’t see how this is possible. I have used multiple Nvidia drivers and the results are the same, if the driver supports the HW acceleration and uses it I can’t see it not reading the config file.

Software encoding results in the correct reference frames and the correct keyframe interval. I did some research and it appears there are different configuration settings unique to the HW endocer but I do not understand them enough or know how to put them in the config file.

It almost acts like the HW acceleration uses all defaults because the config file in MCEBuddy is not for HW acceleration bur rather for software encoding only. I actually deleted all the video settings from all three encoders in the config file and saved it and ran a compression and it came out no different than all the other ones using HW acceleration…once again, like it is using defaults.

This is way above my pay grade to understand. My head is about to explode. I now have software encodings that take twice as long as they used to and super fast HW encodings that can’t be edited because of the screwed up keyframe size.

In my reading about HW acceleraton in ffmpeg I found something about forcing keyframes and something about minimizing GOP-to-GOP fluctuations…which are keyframes but I don’t understand enough so I just don’t know what to do. My most used program on this computer is not working properly