Comskip removing all video and creating an audio file instead

I’ve been using MCEBuddy for a few years and love it, but I haven’t used comskip before. I recently downloaded a TV series “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” from IMDB for my mom and it contains commercials. I thought I’d just run a few episodes through with comskip as a test and see what happened. I was very surprised at the result. The original files for the 3 episodes I tried were about 1Gb in size, MP4 files. The resulting files were 80-100Mb in size. I thought “That’s weird” so I played one in VLC. It showed a poster in the VLC window for the series but then proceeded to play the audio only for the show. From what I can tell with some difficulty listening to the audio, it sounds like it stripped out the commercials as I don’t hear them. This seems like a very weird default behavior. As I am new to comskip, any suggestions about how to proceed? Thanks.

Maybe try looking at the comskip.ini file that is being used. Sometimes the default won’t work and you need to choose another one. Here is a link to some ini files that may better suit your files.

Maybe the CBS Famewolf ini will work for this show as Dr. Quinn was originally on CBS. I have personally used the Comcast & Wilky13 files before with success.

This may help you to see the steps on changing the comskip file.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! I used the Generic Wilky 13 file and it worked perfectly!