Comskip Issues and Audio Out Of Sync

Hello All,
I’m new to Mcebuddy and bought the premium version. Please be bear with me.

Question 1:

I am having an issue after trimming the first few seconds of some of my videos the audio becomes out of sync. I do not have an audio delay checked off. What do I do?

Question 2:

Comskip doesn’t seem to remove all of the commercials especially towards the tail end of the video in between the credits and the end of the program. How do I fix this?

Question 3:

How do you change the seconds in the transition between the cut commercial and the video?

Question 4

How do you customize the Comskip to remove commercials it’s missing?

This topic will answer all your questions related to commercial detection and comskip tuning:

Thanx Goose! What about the audio being out of sync?

That typically indicates a corrupted timestamp in the video stream. Try using a different number of seconds (e.g. 30 instead of 3) and see if that helps.

I am trimming the first 30 seconds off of the videos. What should I do differently?

Also, Why is the timestamp corrupted? It’s from a playon file.

Will need to see the log file or you can upload the original recording to our server and I can take a look. Usually timestamp corruption is due to a recording bad signal (for OTA broadcasts) or a buggy recording software (driver).

Is the log file the one that says the title or the one that says mcebuddy when you go to log??

How/ Where can I send you the log files?

Attach them right here (drag and drop)

Thx Goose. Attached are my log files. I also tried rerecording the streams in case something was wrong with the recording. I only wanted to trim the first 13-20 seconds of the recording and each time the audio becomes out of sync.Even when I go a little over the 20 seconds.

Side question: comskip tends to miss some of my commercials. Any suggestions?

JB1C - Copy.mp4-Convert to MP4-2020-07-04T19-08-37.log (1.3 MB) B1C - Copy.mp4-1-2020-07-04T18-40-08.log (2.5 MB)

I don’t see any trimming configured in either of these conversions. As for the comskip, see my earlier post on tuning it.

I used custom cuts to trim the beginning. Shouldn’t that be in the log files?

Right, I do see that now, you’re using Custom Cuts which generates an EDL file which is processed by MCEBuddy.

Possibly ffmpeg is having an issue with the timestamps. Try adding this to your profile


This makes MCEBuddy use avidemux instead of ffmpeg to cut segments and is more stable for some videos which has timing issues.

Where is my profile that I should add this to?

See this topic, you’ll need to locate the profile you’re using and add this to that profile: MCEBuddy - Understanding Profiles Basics