Commercial Removal Fails for Just one Show

Used MCEBuddy for many years, and for many years had no real issues.

Then, along the way I decided to update mcebuddy and things went south fast.

So for one of the many TVShows I capture with a Haugepage video card, generally MCEbuddy works but there are several issues with Price is Right that just seems odd that I cannot resolve.

I have tried all the releases from as old as 2.4 release 8 and earlier to current release.

For some reason the commercial removing is so aggressive just with the price is right but not the other shows that it always cuts out critical pieces of the show ie: the middle of the show the wheel spinning event (two times a show) and sometimes the end of the show declaring the winner.

I have tried many different settings and versions of the software, cleaned it off and reinstalled a variety of times, It works fine for Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, sometimes with Lets make a Deal etc. But never properly with The Price Is Right.

Could someone look at the capture video I uploaded to the ftp site and see if they can resolve it or identify what is wrong?

I uploaded to joe_mcbuddy\ directory
Included a text file of the description of the problem
Included a .zip of all the 2.4 release 8 settings and comskip configuration used

Alternatively you could try using the latest release which performs even worse than the older versions, seems the newer version of Mcebuddy strips content from many of the shows I am recording not just the Price is Right so i reverted to the 2.4 release.

The problem with getting the TheTVDB information for the price is right is possibly related to the naming, When the Haugepage outputs the filename it strips out the spaces in the filename and ill have to write a batch program to rename it before MCEBuddy processes it. That could explain why some of the shows ie: “Jeopardy” gets the tv episode data and not “PriceIsRight” or “WheelOfFortune” for example… I’ll try renaming them to “The Price Is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune” and try again.

However I need help to get the comskip to work again properly with specifically the Price is Right … anyone?

Thanks for any help much appreciated.