CLI Examples

Maybe this is hear, but I’m not seeing it…

I would like to use the CLI with custom input and output.

IE: MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe Input.directory1 output.directory1 and convert using the MP4/AAC profile.

I see where I can specify a CLI to add a specific file, but I don’t see directory;

Optionally I would be fine in the GUI if I could Monitor Directory 1, convert and output in directory 1; monitor directory 2, convert and output in directory 2.

I’m not seeing anywhere that I can have multiple input directories, that correspond to multiple output directories. am I missing something?

The CLI is used to pass file to the MCEBuddy engine. Then it’s picked up by the various conversion tasks and processed by each of them individually (each one has it’s own destination directory).

This is possible, setup 2 monitor locations (one for each directory) and 1 conversion task. In the conversion task leave the destination directory empty and it will place the converted file in the original directory. Optionally, you can also link the conversion task to the Monitor Location in the conversion task advanced settings section, so you can create a relationship between monitored directories and conversion tasks which process them (this helps if you want Monitor Location 1 & 2 to be processed by Conversion task X and Monitor locations 3 & 4 to be processed by Conversion task Y). The combinations are limitless.
If you want to move the file into a sub directory, then use the custom rename option, enter the sub directory name and use the rename parameter %originalfilename%, e.g. subdir\%originalfilename%