Cannot paste with Ctrl-V into TheTVDB field in Show Corrections

Request Type: BUG
MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit): 64bit
Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit): Win10x64
Summary of the problem or suggestion:
Cannot use Ctrl-V to paste in TheTVDB series code in the Corrections dialog panel.
Works in the IMDB field and the show name field. Just not in TheTVDB field.
Using the Right-mouse button menu and manually selecting “Paste” does work.

Steps to replicate the bug:
Use Crl-C to copy a TheTVDB show code. Go to the corrections and add new show correction (no title). Try to paste the code into TheTVDB field using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-V”.
It works in the IMDB field and in the corrected show name field.

Fixed in today’s 2.5.7 BETA build
It will only allow Ctrl+V for numeric values for TVDB

Confirmed. It is a little sluggish detecting the Ctrl-V.

I noticed that Ctrl-C does not copy a selected value nor does Ctrl-X cut a value. i.e. if you pasted it into the wrong field, you can’t just cut and paste within the GUI. Or copy to paste into a text file or document to keep track of your settings or if you want to share them.

If you can add the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X for the corrections gui that would be awesome sauce and make the app feel more polished and behave consistently with the rest of the apps with Ctrl-C/X/V shortcuts.

Done, the delay/repeat action is a quick of windows, you need to deliberately press Ctrl + slowly or it doesn’t register