Can I alter the settings for CCextractor so the subs look better?

I didn’t realize how bad my subs looked until I was forced to use CCextractor manually to get the subs from a TS file that would not edit in Avidemux and all tools that repaired the TS file eliminated the subs.

The subs in that file looked way better than all my other subs. They had italicized text etc which really made the subs look better, plus they were all in capital letters, which 'm not sure is better but at least consistent looking. The subs MCEBuddy makes are all lower case and when there is capitalization it is usually wrong and quite annoying, especially on proper pronouns where there is none and things like U.S.S. being u.S.s. or some other randome incorrect order and there is no italicized text. I would rather have all caps than random capitalization that is ugly.

How does CCextractor get it’s settings from MCEBuddy? Should I just delete CCextractor from the MCEBuddy directory and the latest version in that has my settings…or is this a GUI thing? If so is there a way to pass settings onto CCextractor?

You can write own custom command to run ccextractor instead of using the built in option as explained here

I may try that but I think it may be easier to use the ccextractor GUI and just run all my TS files through it first in batches with the output directory the same as MCEBuddy’s so when my MKV files get dumped there all the SRTs will be there and my renaming utility with put them all in their own folders. I can’t put the subs in the MKV this way but it is probably easier.