All videos are cut 90 seconds short

I’m using PlexDVR with an HDHomerun Connect to record OTA shows. After MCEBuddy processes the files EVERY video is cut just a little short (somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds). It does an ok job of removing the commercials, but I’d really like to see the ending. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried both comskip and showanalyzer with the same results.

Any ideas on where to start?


You need to tune your Comskip INI. I believe there is a setting to keep the end X minutes of the show. There is a GUI based Comskip INI editor you can use.

You can tweak comskip.ini using the UI friendly program ComskipINIEditor.exe included and set it to keep the end seconds by changing the minimum commercial size:

See this topic to get started.