Add support for BeyondWiz

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The specification for the .meta files (and other files created by the Beyonwiz T3). Located at: Bitbucket

Beyonwiz T3 is a version of an Enigma box

Does anyone have sample .meta files?

I’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking to use your program to use with my enigma box. Its not a beyonwiz but a vu+ uno 4k
I will provide some examples in a attachment.
Hopefully it is useful for you. (688 Bytes)

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Do you have a few more samples of different genres like TV Shows, News, Sports, Movies etc.

I will get some more examples over the weekend. I should note that I use custom epg witch gives me the Season and episode numbers in the title.

Yes and MCEBuddy already has support for parse that information, however that isn’t much beyond that so I’m hoping to see what else we can scrape from it

I did get some other examples like a movie and some news episode but. The only difference with before is an added subtitle in the meta file. For some reason its not inserting the description when its clearly available on my box. Can’t upload any examples right now cause I made a mistake and nuked my setup.

When I’m rebuilding it I will look into the menu if there is an option to include more metadata like the description into the meta file.

Sorry its taking so long. Still busy with life but I have an example of how it looks without any custom epg so all stock. Its still not really that helpfull though. (581 Bytes)

If you add support for this would it be possible to remove all assosiated files like the .meta and .sc file. That is the only annoying thing I found so far.

We will need many more samples, please sort them into buckets:


There’s is much metadata to being with and after that we need to find patterns to differentiate otherwise the exercise won’t add much value.

Were you able to collect more samples for Movies, Series, Sports and News?