AC-4 Audio

Local OTA broadcast channels here in in the Houston area recently started in ATSC 3.0 and I was excited until I started having audio problems with conversions. The basic problem is that after conversion there simply is no audio.

It seems as if FFMPEG cannot yet handle the ATSC 3.0 audio which I understand is in AC-4 format.

Is anyone aware of a fix coming or have a workaround?

Is there some way to do a test to simply skip conversion if AC-4 Audio is detected?



I had the same problem, essentially nothing has support for AC4 because of licensing issues from Dolby.

I found a solution that I was able to implement and it works well for me, so far no issues.

It involves creating a virtual HD Homerun tuner that is able to proxy traffic to a real HD Homerun and convert from AC4 to AC3 in real-time.

Thanks for this pointer. My preference is do not do real-time conversion as real time is streams are playing just fine within CHannels DVR or in Emby from my HDHR5-4k. (typically using an Nvidia Shield as a client). The streams will play just fine until I convert the recordings with MCEBuddy and then the conversions will have no audio in them.

Maybe we can find a build of ffmpeg with the experimental AC4 support that will work with MCEbuddy.