7/9 2.4.9 beta missing first 15 min of tv program

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INFORMATION> → Windows OS Version → Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0 (WIN_10_2016_SERVER, Professional)
INFORMATION> → Windows Platform → 64 Bit
INFORMATION> → MCEBuddy Build Platform → 64 Bit
INFORMATION> → MCEBuddy Build Version :
INFORMATION> → MCEBuddy Build Date : 07/07/2018 01:17:56

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After upgrading to 2.4.9 7/7/2018 I noticed some of the resulting mkv files are missing approx the first ~15 minutes of the program.

I reverted back to the 5/18 2.4.9 release (since I happened to still have the installer on the machine).When I ran the offending WTV files through again, using the same config, the resulting file were converted as expected and the missing segment was there. I then upgraded again to the 7/7 release and ran the same files through one more time. The resulting files were again missing the first ~15 min.


upgrade to 2.4.9 7/7
logs.zip (582.9 KB)
comskip 8.2.003 donation version
with the commercials set to being cut
using the MKV Normal Quality profile

I’ve attached the logs for the same test files for both versions.

We were able to identify the issue thanks to the comparative logs. Great work reporting this, will have it fixed in the next build.

This has been fixed in today’s 2.4.9 BETA build, give it a whirl.


I’ve upgraded to the 7/18 2.4.9 and ran the same files through again and it looks to be working as expected.

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