Upscale a video no matter that original resolution?

I’m looking to see if there is a setting that I can have every video rendered as 1920x1080, regardless of the original resolution. I’d like to upscale 480p and 720p videos to 1080p but I haven’t been able to find a setting or a profile setting that would do that. I can see where I can limit the conversion to videos under a certain resolution (like 1920x1080) but not one to force the converted video to be 1920x1080. Any thoughts?


Probably have to create a custom profile. Here is how to use scaling in FFmpeg.
Scaling – FFmpeg
And I found this thread for handbrake cli upscaling.
How do I use HandBrakeCLI to upscale a video to 1920x2160 resolution? - VideoHelp Forum

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