Support for parsing FlixGrab+ file names


was wondering how hard it is to add a new filename parsing to support the current FlixGrab+ format.

[S#.Ep#] show - episode.mkv

as in

[S1.Ep1] Kingdom - Episode 1.mkv

My testing so far shows it detects the season and episode - but botches the ‘showname’ basically. Which kinda screws it all up.

We can look into it but we’ll need more sample names for

  • episodes
  • documentaries
  • movies
  • sports
  • news

Is there a standardized convention for naming files?

I only know the naming for tv episodes and movies, but I am sure I could grab other samples. It’s all from Netflix so possibly a more limited sample

Movies are easy

Movie name (year).mp4, and or etc

I massage things myself from to mkv with embedded srt – then was just going to use mcebuddy for the renaming, but found it could nto parse it well enough for what I needed.

Maybe time for a generic ‘parsing’ template capability??

Try today’s 2.5.5. beta build