Subtitles (not matching) when cutting ads


I am usually cutting commercials via MCEBuddy and Comskip (both paid). In many cases the recorded transport stream files contain subtitle streams. In order to speed up, I use unprocessed TS files, since I convert and crop the files anyhow later on with ffmpeg.

What I noticed is that the subtitle streams are not cut when ads are removed, so that the subtitles do not match the position in the movie. Is there any workaround or trick anyone is aware of?


PS: Of course I read the subtitle topics, but as there are plenty of ads in some movies, the time to correct this “manually” is a bit too much to spend for me.

Extracted Subtitles are cut automatically based in the commercial start/end points. It would help to see the conversion log.

Thanks for your reply Goose. Just yesterday I did a recording and the subtitle seems to be out of sync. In the beginning of the recorded movie, it almost fits, but along with other ads that were cut, it gets worse, I fear.Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland - ProSieben MAXX - 2019-10-03.ts-Remove Ads-2019-10-03T20-52-31.0619235 02-00.log (567.7 KB)
BTW I use Mediaportal for recordings.

See this topic, under When I extract Closed Captions (CC) and Subtitles, they are out of sync by a few seconds OR get progressively out of sync after each commercial segment

Thanks Goose,

I went through the subtitles topics and understand better. Not an easy thing. I guess I need to read some more, as I prefer this (hopefully) without manual interaction.

What I find interesting is the topic concerning the drivers. Just yesterday I installed the latest Intel drivers for the HD 530 and it indeed broke up with my ffmpeg conversions. With the old driver, conversion did run well, just a warning here and there, but the latest driver always resulted in errors, parameter problems, etc., stopping any conversion (I post-process the .TS files by normalizing audio, cropping black bars and re-scaling to full HD). Anyhow I think Intel’s quicksync has issues with mpeg2ts. With nvenc all is very smooth.

I will try some tests with you recommended stable drivers and see which one does best.