Subtitle Offset is confusing for me

I am having the hardest time refining the sync between my video and subtitles. I have found that there is subtle differences between shows. I haven’t figured out yet whether this is a function of shows, networks, certain factors on my machine, etc.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out the optimal Subtitle Offset value that will work well enough for every show. BTW: The good news is that I am not having any “progressive” sync issue, meaning that if subtitles are one half second off at the start of a show, that half second is the same at the end. At least I don’t have to compensate for more delays over time.

The biggest problem that I am having is that I’m constantly struggling with the meaning of the Subtitle Offset help. I know it says to set it to plus/minus but it doesn’t really say what that really does.

Could I get a brief description of this parameter in action, and if so I’d also like to enter an enhancement to get the help value enhanced for future use.

The question is: If my subtitles are one half second ahead of the audio (meaning that it flashes to early for the audio) should I move the Subtitle Offset higher or lower?

I know the answer could be: Try it out and see for yourself, but it is painful to set the value, do an entire conversion, reset the value, and then keep track of how it changed.

Thanks in advance for any help on this…


positive values mean move the subtitles ahead of the audio
negative values mean slow the subtitles down behind the audio