Same Commercials get Through all Channels

Why does MCE not catch the Medicare, Car Warranty, and OTC pain medicine commercials? They don’t seem to be tied to the TV station break just a general 5 minutes of unfiltered same commercials. This is with any version but currently running 2.6.1 previous 2.5.7.

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My belief is that it is related to the length of these commercials. Any break that includes the long-running Medicare spots (which in our area can be as long as 2 minutes) simply gets ignored. My guess is that the system cannot discern between a 2-minute commercial and part of the show. Since the other commercials bracketing it are usually short, you’d expect them to get filtered, but I think the system is unsure, so it errs on the side of just leaving them all in.

Admittedly I don’t have a lot of experience fine tuning comskip but the last time I worked on it I found this post and the links within extremely helpful.
Tuning Comskip and Custom Comskip INI’s (Country / Channel specific) - General Support / Questions / Commercial Removal - MCEBuddy (

You can could try to customize your comskip.ini using the INIEditor (copy the comskip.ini and editor into a new folder and then customize it rather than customizing the stock ini) and then your conversion task to use the custom comskip ini.

Things that pop out to me:

  1. Try making it more aggressive by enabling Scene change, Closed captions and Cut Scene in the Comskip editor
  2. If you have long running commercials try increasing the max_commercialbreak and max_commercial_size durations