Run MCEBuddy as a true service with GPU driver access

I don’t know if this will help, but there is a widget that runs as a service that launches Plex under a user’s login (thus giving Plex access to use GPU hardware drivers). Source is provided, and it has start/stop/show features.

Might be a nice way to do something similar for MCEBuddy (and resolve MCEBuddy-as-a-service while still needing access to the system GPU drivers (i.e. hardware encodes) when installing for “all users” and MCEBuddy should be running when/before anyone has logged into their system. That is typically when something like a power failure occurs in the night or a forced system reboot is required.

The source code is available to see how the magic works.

Closing this out, you can always adjust the Run as option for the MCEBuddy service to have it run under the users credentials rather than the system credentials.