Rename with brackets?

I have a system I use for all my Plex movies that contains tags inside brackets. Plex ignores anything in brackets. However, when I add that information to the rename field in MCEBuddy, the brackets are also ignored and omitted.

`%originalfilename% rename to %originalfilename% [Plex]

Is there an escape character or other method to allow me to rename all files per each conversion task that includes brackets?

Amongst other filename/path invalid characters, [ and ] are not allowed because they are reserved by the INI database operation and having filenames with those 2 characters causes a problem while writing/reading them to INI database files. You can use ( and ) instead if you’d like.

The problem is that Plex will read anything between ( ). If I can’t do it directly in MCEBuddy due to the database formatting, can I use PostCustomCommand to append the tags I prefer with the brackets? Thank you for your assistance.

I achieved my object with a PostCustomCommand. Thank you.

Not recommended since it will mess up your history INI database and MCEBuddy may end up reconverting your files again or some other unforeseen issue.

The tags I use are already specifically excluded from folder monitoring, so even if the file name changes it won’t trigger a reconversion, but your points are noted. I also moved the finished encodes out of any temp monitored folders into the Plex archive folders, so there aren’t any files in the MCEBuddy monitored directories that aren’t work in progress. Thanks again.