Rename and move WMC files?

I have one computer that is Windows 7 WMC. It records all my shows with the fun naming convention:


I have a custom cleanup script that does some things and the final file when ready to be watched is called:


I have Emby and of course it can’t read these files. What I wanted to do is when the file is appended with CLEAN_NAELC and hasn’t been touched for an hour, to move the file to a subfolder of Recorded TV and also rename it so it matches Emby file naming conventions.

Couple things:

  1. Any examples how to do this?
  2. If I move these anyone know if I have a folder called “D:\Recorded TV\processed” if WMC will pick up the files in the subfolder and if the metadata is still in the files sort and list it appropriately?



See this topic

Set the option in the monitor task which monitors your files:

Use custom renaming: MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

If you want to move it to a subfolder or the original directory, leave the destination folder emtpy and enter your subfolder name in the custom renaming pattern. Here’s an example which retains the original filename but adds an _CLEAN_NALEC to it.

Thanks info is great. Giving this a try now just need to wait for a show to record, then 3 hours afterwards for my script to run, and then 1 hour after that for MCEBuddy to trigger. Note I’ve changed from custom renaming to organize by seasons and it’s creating all the necessary subfolders. Looks like WMC will pick them up even in subfolders.

Note for the Monitor Locations deleting the source as well since it looks like it copies it doesn’t move it.

That’s a safety feature within MCEBuddy by default. Once you’re confident your setup works as expected, in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page, at the bottom you can enable the Skip copying original files option and then it will work directly on the source file.

See this topic: