How to handle Win 7 MCE commercial removal?

I currently have Windows 7 MCE running flawlessly for many years with all my WTV files stored in “D:\Recorded TV”. Microsoft keeps them all in a single folder. I would like to nightly sweep thru the videos in that folder and only in that folder (i.e. not recursive) and have MCEBuddy remove the commercials and put them i guess in a <season #> subfolder since that seems to work with MCE. I think I’ll be left with a bunch of empty folders once the shows have been watched and deleted, but that shouldn’t effect things to much. Is this a good approach? Is there a better way? Can I make it only convert things that have been sitting in the folder for over a few hours to make sure they aren’t still recording? Honestly never noticed where the temp recordings sit. Thoughts?



I use the exact same setup. You do end up with some empty folders, not a big deal. There is a setting to have mcebuddy wait a certain amount of time before converting. What are you converting them to? Commercial removal and keeping them in wtv format takes a long time. I need them to show up in WMC but also in plex.

Yes wtv to wtv. I only use mce and Xbox 360s. I use Emby but not with my tv episodes. Don’t like the lack of thumbnails after the conversion though in MCE.