Quciksync and Hanbrake with Hardware acceleration selected in MCEBuddy

I’m running 2.4 beta 9 on windows 10 pro with i7-4790k.

If I use the following in my profile and enable hardware acceleration inside the MCEBuddy process it uses quicksync and Handbrake - all works well

handbrake-video=–start-at duration:3 -e x264 --encoder-preset fast --encoder-tune film -q 20

So I though I would modify the profile for Handbrake specific quicksync commands as follows.
handbrake-video=–start-at duration:3 -e qsv_h264 --encoder-preset balanced --encoder-profile high --encoder-level 4.1 -q 20

If I enable Hardware acceleration within MCEbuddy it fails on Handbrake and goes on to mencoder, . If I disable Hardware acceleration in MCEbuddy it uses Handbrake and my qsv specific settings and quicksync works.

Should I not be able to put quicksync specific commands in my profile and enable the hardware acceleration tic in MCEbuddy? I recognize it is working with the tic off when I use those commands but it seems like it should also work with the hardware acceleration tic selected

MCEBuddy tries to “optimize” hardware settings by default, if you want to use your own hardware settings and not have mcebuddy change them, set these options in your profile:


See this topic for descriptions: