Option to add tags/keywords to file name

I started using Sickrage to manage all my shows, and anything recorded from OTA is edited with MCBuddy then moved to the watched folder. Sickrage uses tags like 720p and HDTV to make sure the quality is correct (or it will attempt to download the correct one). It then marks the file as downloaded and renames the file according to the naming structure setup in Sickrage, then moves it to my NAS. Could we have an option to be able to add those tags after MCBuddy has completed it’s conversion?

So for example, New Girl-S01E01.mkv would become New Girl-S01E01-720p-HDTV.mkv

What’s the criteria for these tags?
What happens if the resolution of the output file falls, say 92 pixels, short of 1280x720 due to cropping, should that still be considered 720p?

I don’t know that there would need to be any criteria really. I envision one or two text fields in the naming section where I can enter any value I want (maybe with a character limit, 10 or so). As long as MCEBuddy is told to add the value in that field to the file name once it’s written, I don’t think anything else would matter.

I should specify that I don’t think Sickrage actually checks the quality of the file itself when it does an import. It only checks to see that the file name contains it, then marks it as downloaded with the matching quality.

If all you want to do it add some text fields you can do that with custom renaming right now.

You are absolutely correct. I have never had any luck getting the custom names formatted correctly but now I realize what I was doing wrong. I just did another test and it did exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the pointer!