Old 2.3 was fine until recently, Commercials are not skipped with any VER

Downloaded 2.5 and still does not remove comercials. Standard download and install no hanky/panky changes. I’m not smart enough. Had original copy of the Rookie (for example dates 3/2022. Reloaded 2.3 and still had commercials starting at abt 25 min mark. Uninstalled and then installed 2.5. Removed converted Rookie and reloaded 2.5 with it. Still had commercial at abt 25 minute mark. Have the Networks changed their mode of signaling or are they incorporating the comm’s into the video???

Is there an overlay or watermark or crawl that runs through the show and the commercial? Like during weather alerts.

That can throw off the ad detection since that part of the screen doesn’t change completely like a cut to a commercial.

Nothing other than stright video. This also is happening on other network shows primarily on CBS. I record older shows, 1950’s,60’s and comskip seems to work better and I would think it would not work as well as newer shows.

If it helps, I use comskip and default settings. I’m in the US and recording OTA with a Silicon Dust HD Homerun Quattro and the Silicon Dust DVR. I also have Plex Lifetime with DVR, but I don’t use it. I’m using Win10 and we view everything through a Tivo Roamio (via plex app or just record it on the Tivo).

If you’re recording cable, I can understand why you need to keep Win7 and MCE on life support. Unless you need to record and process encrypted shows, you might consider switching to new OTA tuners and DVR setup separate from your existing setup.

Remind me of the details of your show and network that has problems and I’ll do a test recording to see how it comes out for me.

Running Alienware R8 990K with Hauppauge 4 tuner video card. NextPVR for setting up recording scheds directly to PC. MCE picks off of disk folder to remove commercials and writes to a different location. Simple as can be.