Oddity in MKV files. No cues (key frames index)

Request Type: BUG / MINOR?
MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit): 2.4.9 2018-03-09
Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit): Win10x64
Summary of the problem or suggestion:
It seems to have resolved itself. MCEBuddy created a 5GB MKV file that VLC could not play. WMP played it fine. I removed the old Haali splitter, (not sure if x64 or 32-bit), and installed current LAV 0.71 filters instead, both x64 and 32-bit. Now I cannot duplicate the non-playable MKV files.

Someone from the VLC community asked why there weren’t any cues in the MKV (the log confirms that). I’ve not seen anything that controls that, is that something MCEBuddy can/cannot do or be told to do? I’m not sure the downside to not including the cues, other than additional size, but it does help with seeking. Not sure if Plex will force a transcode if the MKV does not have cues either.

Thoughts? I’m continuing to research the issue. I’ve run mkvinfo against a working MKV and a non-working one, but haven’t found a difference that hints at anything.

Well, I’ve got another one. It’s smaller, 3.5GB, so the 4GB boundary can’t be the issue.
No HW encoding, so I’m hoping I’ll encounter a smaller one. I’ve kept the original HD Homerun recording (raw MP2, no transcoding). Wondering if it’s a content/stream issue. Still researching.
Will update when I have more outliers/differences to help figure out why VLC can’t play these, but can play the rest.

I have the same problem if I use the MKV Unprocessed to remux H264 recordings to MKV I cannot seek properly and the VIDEO will not play in VLC. It will not even seek in EMBY.

LawOrderCriminalIntent-BrightBoy-890604-0.ts-SAGEMKVREMUX-2018-03-26T01-12-13.3554823-07-00.log (341.5 KB)

Update changing to Copy instead of FFMPEG solved the problem.


I still hit some. WMP plays them just fine. I also transcode, so adjusting the order won’t help me if it’s an FFMPEG problem. It could be poor source video too with weird broken frames messing with FFMPEG or VLC. I’m still trying to isolate a small file for the VLC folks to look at as well. Three culprits are possible: bad source, bad xcode, bad playback. Hopefully, I’ll find it.