How do I pair a Monitor location to a NEW Task


I’ve been using mcebuddy in a very simple form for years since I set it up. I’m using Channels DVR running on a Synology NAS. It’s been working great removing commercials from OTA HDHomerun.

I’ve Just setup another Synology NAS also installed Channels DVR - and want to run mcebuddy against that path… I set a NEW monitor location and a new task with a NEW destination…

I don’t see a setting to link those two?

You use the “path” option in the filename filter of the task.

I did this to set a custom task for reprocessing files that were manually added from my Plex libraries to exclude the DVR locations being monitored. i.e. skip ad removal, and change some of the encoding parameters.

Thanks … Not sure how to implement that ? (use the “path” option in the filename filter of the task)

I’m testing the tasks I have now. I think it’s working, but need more realtime testing…

In the task editing window, one of the filters is for the “filename”. You want to use the “path:” option in that field.

e.g. Filename Filter: [ path:F:/path/to/media/* ]
That will only apply the task to filenames with that path. Otherwise “filename” only applies to the filename portion, not the full path. You have to use the “path:” option to do that.

The other filters are also in effect, so they all have to evaluate to “true” when testing whether or not to apply the task. So if you have, for example, channel filters to only process certain channels (like I do as I have more aggressive compression settings for HD channels than for SD channels (which are already heavily compressed and low-resolution to start with)), then the file path will have to match AND the channel filter will also have to match.

This would mean that if I were to process non-DVR sourced media, the task would skip the processing because the media metadata for that file would not contain the DVR channel information when it was recorded. I hope that makes sense. it doesn’t matter if the only filter/condition you have is the filename/path filter.

Ahhh… OK!

thanks so much for the additional detail…

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