History File looks at time and date for converting

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I have Radarr installed, and it will download a movie in 720P format, MCEBuddy works great, converts the file and Radarr renames the folder and file. Then Radarr finds a better format, 1080P put it in the folder by the folder and file names are the same, so MCEBuddy, thinks it is still the old file. I believe MCEBuddy feature to compare timestamp checkbox, so that it can determine if this is a new file or not.


I’m trying to understand how this feature is different from the Re-monitor feature that already exists, ie. MCEBuddy will re-monitor and reconvert files. So if the original file is created a second time (assuming it was deleted or archived after the initial conversion), it will automatically convert it again.

Re-Monitor reference:

Hi Goose,
I think he is the situation. Radarr downloads a Movie, Let say the title, is The Movie, and it is in 720P format, As soon as MCEBuddy sees the new movie it formats it in mkv hevc for me. Then, Radarr, finds another version, in 1080P format, and downloads it to the directory, but the name is the same, The Movie, I don’t think MCEBuddy, even if Re-Monitor checked will convert it if the program doesn’t check the modified Date?. If MCEBuddy is only comparing the the filename.
Maybe I am wrong with the logic, here. :slight_smile:

If the re-monitor option is checked it will reconvert the file. Have you tried it? With the Re-monitor option selected it will ignore the history file and convert every file it finds in the monitor directory, which is why it’s important to ensure that you use the archive original or delete original option when using re-monitor otherwise it can end up in an endless conversion loop.

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