File Naming Convention for Subtitles and Audio

This topic has been a little confusing. I can confirm that it did work in 2.4.9, however I can not recall at the moment if it ever actually added ENG to the subtitle name to identify the language. I am using today, and although the ENG is not in the subtitle name, Plex now identifies the Audio in English rather than unknown, and subtitle language in English only for the MOV_Text. My SRT External file now shows as “unknown” also, as well as the timed text’s EIA-608 and 708. I believe that perhaps functionality may have been lost with updates, but not 100% sure.

Well, I gave up, but have just revisted again as I’m recording with Plex-DVR - then post processing with MCEBuddy and can’t seem to get the external srt files tagged with ‘.eng’, and of course they remain ‘Unknown’ as such, for without that tag - they are, in fact, Unknown:

^^ that’s 20 minutes old on 2.5.1

Also recently this shortcoming came to a boil when I recorded ‘Professor T’ - in German - and Plex didn’t know I needed those subs, 'cause they were ‘Unknown’. Had they been '.eng’ed, Plex would have made an informed decision and turned them on.

You can attach your conversion log and we can see whats going on.

OK, here is the most recent:
NOVA S46E22 The Violence Paradox.ts-MKV MPEG-2 (129.5 KB)

I would like to confirm that my Plex also does not show the subtitle language, EXCEPT for the MOV_TEXT does show in English. The external SRT is unknown (which I believe is supposed to show ENG), and the EIA_608 have always shown as “unknown”.

I also see that the Audio track is back to Unknown, which was fixed before, but seems to have regressed. I have settings selected to only keep the English audio, which successfully deletes the Spanish track, but doesn’t label the one that is kept as English.

Log attached.
Below Deck _20191202_2100.mp4-MP4 Conversion-2019-12-02T22-03-28.4478557-05-00.log (820.7 KB)

Thank you!

The logs are showing that it’s adding the eng language to the embedded subtitle track but not to the external srt file.

2019-12-02T22:18:04 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base → handler_name : *srt:hdlr=sbtl:lang=eng@GPAC0.8.0-rev94-g6ada10e30-master

If I’m reading your screenshot correctly I do see the SRT (MOV_TXT) showing its as English but the external isn’t showing English because the filename doesn’t end with _eng because there is only one SRT file. See this post: [FEATURE] File Naming Convention for Subtitles and Audio - #2 by Goose
The 608 I believe are the closed captions. Not sure if a language can be assigned to it.
As for the audio we didn’t assign any default language to it since there is no way to know what language is there in the audio track unless the original file audio track indicates that language.

Tagging the Video Track with a language will also tag the 608s/CCs - Hand Grenade approach to Room Clearing, and since nobody hardly ever tags a Video Track with a language I don’t believe anyone would be upset if Buddy tagged it the same as the default language tagging everything within it at the same time (unless, of course, some of them aren’t the default language).

The reason I want those external srt files is because if I want to keep something permanently, I’ll want to remove SDH. I’d like not to have to extract them, before working on them and re-embedding them in a final version.

I no longer have the 608s 'cause Buddy stripped 'em out before converting the video track to .264. Buddy is correctly tagging the audio track via the check mark next to ‘English’, but…

All I need is an ‘.eng’ on those external subs Buddy gathered, then created and it’s all good. Buddy should already know they’re English and if not that check mark tells Buddy I want them to be.