End of shows cut off

Hello, I’m relatively new to this and I’ve tried looking for help. I’m using MCEBuddy with recordings I get from Tablo DVR. I record a good number of KPBS shows that do not have commercials, but I still like running them through MCEBuddy because it pulls the subtitles out and makes a nicer file format than what I get directly from Tablo.

My issue is, a large number of KPBS shows and some other regular shows with commercials are cut off before the end. The interesting part about the KPBS shows is it seems to make them all approx. 53 minutes. If I check the original file the show ends and rolls credits and all is good. But in the MCEBuddy version the file is cut off before the end of the show.

I assumed it related to these shows not having commercials at all but I have run into the circumstance with a show with commercials.

How can I go about fixing this? Thanks

Welcome to MCEBuddy!

Can you attach the conversion log file for one of these shows it happened on? That will help us see how MCEBuddy is processing it and will hopefully help guide you in the right direction.

See this post with a similar question about tweaking Comskip commercial detection