Delete folder and everyhting in after commercial removal

I am using MCE buddy with Emby, upon making a recording it automatically make a show folder and puts the episode inside of the show folder in a season folder.

When I have mcebuddy cut commercials and output an unprocessed .TS I have it put it in another folder. I see a setting to delete the original file, but the other stuff being left behind is causing some issues, can I make MCEbuddy delete the folder as well?

MCEBuddy does clean up a few things like EDL, XML, LOG and subtitles files. But if there are more files you can write a PostCustomCommand to run a batch script that cleans up your files.

There are lots of examples on the forum on how to write custom commands to run your scripts using the variable provided by MCEBuddy about original filenames and destination file names.

This topic is from awhile ago so I’m hoping there’s been a setting added to MCEBuddy in newer versions. Is there any way to delete the folder other than a PostCustomCommand?