Convert based on bitrate

Is there a way to have the program check the bitrate of the file and not convert to a higher bitrate than the source.

file is >4.8 bitrate
convert to 4.8 bitrate

other wise if file is <=4.8 bitrate just copy h264 video.

Audio bitrate, video bitrate or total bitrate? I’m guessing you mean video bitrate.

I didn’t quite understand what you’re trying to do here? Are you trying to filter out h264 and non h264 recordings?

Have you considered using file size or codec as a proxy?

Im talking about the video bit rate. I want it to check to see if the file matches that bit rate if it’s higher than than 4.8mbps than convert the video to a mp4 to an mp4 with an h264 codec and a bit rate of 4.8mbps and an aac audio codec. If the file is less than a 4.8mbps video bit rate than run the v copy and a copy command to just copy the video and audio tracks into a new mp4 container

Feel free to open a feature enhancement request.

Have you considered using file size as a proxy for bitrate?

I have not tired that only cause I am trying to just fix random over sized downloads in my movies and tv shows so im not sure of a file size thats really good to check just because some are a high bitrate and then other episodes are a super high bit rate I haven’t found a good medium number.

Now available in release 2.4.11

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