Conversion Task - Selection Filters - how to exclude filepath

I am setting up a “manual” conversion task that I want to EXCLUDE processing from my DVR recording directory being monitored. In other words, anything in the DVR location will get processed by the other tasks and will get skipped by this one. My other tasks all rename/move the processed files to my Plex library locations. So if I manually add a file I’ve already processed (i.e. in the Plex location) it will use this conversion task and skip the others. To do that last part, I may have to also add a filter to only include media files from the DVR location for the tasks that process the DVR files.

Here is my Monitor Locations: F:\Recorded TV\HDHomeRun
Here is my Filename Filter: path:~HDHomeRun

However, it isn’t working. Shows recorded by my DVR are not skipping this conversion task, and everything gets processed twice.

What am I missing in the syntax of the “path:” filter? Does it not use “implied start/end wildcards” (i.e. an unanchored “contains” search)? Does it even allow regex expressions? Do I need wildcards? the full path? forward slashes or backslashes as the folder/directory separator?

You can use wildcards, the ~ just excludes whatever matching expression you in there. You can also use regex (see the popup help for details)