Changes to MCR Buddy

I am quite disappointed that the structure of MCE Buddy is changing to a “subscription” based model. While I firmly believe that supporting the development of apps should be done, changing the support structure after having made my donation really stinks.

What’s worse, now you are required to create an account to just to browse the support forums. While creating the account, you are REQUIRED to agree to accept email from the developers. There is no way I could find to turn off these email notifications. So that means the developer can bombard you with emails to get you to sign up for an annual subscription?!?!? That is just NOT OK.

Just my 2 cents… Way to go guys… sarcasm implied.

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Applying this new licensing schema to your new customers is fine, but don’t screw over the people that supported you all these years. Imagine if Plex decided one day that their lifetime Plexpass was no longer lifetime … no one would trust them anymore. Well … I feel the same way about you guys now.

I will not be paying again for this software.

Very disappointing …