Why Is MCE Buddy Doing Multiple Conversions?

I use Plex to record OTA TV shows and movies. I have TV Shows set up to go to their own folder and movies setup to go to a different folder.

I haven’t been converting the movie files or stripping commercials out of them because of strange MCEBuddy behavior when I setup more than one conversion task. The strange behavior is that even though the TV Shows conversion task is pointed at the TV Shows folder and the Movies conversion task is pointed at the Movies folder, both conversion tasks try to convert movies and tv shows. Why is this? What am I setting up incorrectly?

Conversion tasks don’t attach to folders, they attach to Monitor Locations.

Monitor locations monitor folders.

Each monitor location will feed into every conversion task. This allows you to have a single file be converted into multiple different formats for different devices at the same time.

In the conversion task you can limit which monitor locations feed into the conversion task (by default it’s accept from all monitor locations).
See this topic for details:

After upgrading to 2.4.9, that did it! thank you so much!