Premium Beta and Stable Download link missing

I just paid for the new premium access (I was a previous legacy user) but when I click the premium access link (tried from my email, the website, manually and from multiple computers and browsers) but when I click to enter the “Beta” section, there is nothing to download, just a blank page. When I click the “Stable” section, same thing, just a blank page.

When I click the “legacy” section, I do get the available versions and can download those.

I have verified several times that I am logging in with the new username/password sent to me via email and not my old legacy username/password.

Any other ideas what may be happening?

There’s a new major release coming up in the next few days. The Stable and Beta folders are now covered under a new license starting 2.6.x which is why it’s empty temporarily.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the quick response.

Did what I just pay for include the new 2.6 version when it is available?

Yes, anyone who purchased a license after Jan 18th 2023 will have access to the 2.6.x and newer updates. It’s been released, release notes coming shortly.

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I can login to the premium website using my credentials. When I click Beta or stable it asks for my credentials again, and I can click ok forever with no results. FYI this email is not the one I purchased my licences with,

Nevermind - appears I’ll have to pay (again). Same here, I have premium access, enter user/pass to get to download page. When clicking on BETA or stable, request for user/pass pops up again. Entering credentials again fails each time.

I am having the same issue.

Previous Legacy user just paid for new premium access subscription and when I log in with new credentials BETA is blank.

I also saw no downloads available in the Beta link, but there is a download in the Stable link. I presumed that was because this is a NEW major upgrade and there are no Betas yet since the stable version is the start point.

Thanks for the head up. No Beta but a stable 2.6.1