Looking for a Plex/Roku Profile for Direct Play

Howdy, I’ve tried reading through the custom profiles but it makes no sense to me. I simply want MKV H.264 with AAC. The MKV Normal uses AC3 which leaves a transcode job to bring it to AAC. I’ve manually converted files from Plex DVR saved as TS with great results.

Is there already an existing profile using my container format? I don’t want MP4 so I have stayed away from the pre-built Roku profiles.

Just swap the audio encoders from ac3 to aac, here an example:

[MKV Normal Quality]
Description=Main profile, good quality 1 pass MKV (H.264/AAC). Good for most conversions. Produces good results and is faster than the two pass conversion.
ffmpeg-general=-threads 0
ffmpeg-video=-ss 0 -vf yadif=0:-1:1,hqdn3d -vcodec libx264 -b 1400k -x264opts me=hex:trellis=1:subq=8:partitions=all:8x8dct=1:ref=3:rc-lookahead=50:keyint=25:min-keyint=20:bframes=1:weightb=1:level=4.0:b-pyramid=normal:direct=auto:mixed-refs=1:deblock=-1,-1:no-fast-pskip=1:no-dct-decimate=1:b-adapt=0:threads=auto -map 0:v -sn
ffmpeg-audio=-acodec aac -ab 160k -map 0:a
ffmpeg-audioac3=-acodec aac -ab 256k -map 0:a
handbrake-general=--decomb --loose-anamorphic --verbose=2 -O
handbrake-video=--start-at duration:0 -e x264 -b 1400 -x me=hex:trellis=1:subq=8:partitions=all:8x8dct:ref=3:rc-lookahead=50:keyint=25:keyint-min=20:bframes=1:weightb=1:level-idc=40:b-pyramid=1:direct-pred=auto:mixed-refs:deblock=-1,-1:nofast-pskip:nodct-decimate:b-adapt=0:threads=auto
handbrake-audio=-E faac -R auto -B 160 -D 0 -a 1,2,3,4,5
handbrake-audioac3=-E faac -R auto -B 256 -D 0 -a 1,2,3,4,5
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No worky. Ignores and continues as ac3. Other AAC settings shows a reference “libfdk_aac”. I don’t pretend to know all the CLI for this so I’ll wait for a bit of knowledge from someone else.

Will need your conversion log to see what’s going on, did you adjust your profile (for both encoders) or did you create a new profile like @RBoy posted above.

libfdk_aac has been superseeded by aac

MediaInfo showed a group of shows today with the correct encoding. I even adjusted the profile name so it was easy to pick out of the list. But I bet the application still needed a restart.